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Physics 10G

Your son is a great physics teacher thanks

- 10:59:30 01/12/17

Catherine Ibotson

Dear Mr Davan Wetton,
Just thought you would like to know about your younger fan base! On questioning my children on whether they would like to go and see 'The Glory of Christmas' at the RAH their reply was 'definitely-if it's going to be Hilary again!' ... we are looking forward to it immensely- it marks the end of school & work and the start of the festive season.
Best wishes,
Catherine Ibotson (Alex Palmer, aged 15, Ellen Palmer, aged 9 ) ( in the cheap seats!)

Northants - 10:19:14 19/11/17

Jo Kelly

I am rather hoping that we may see you conducting at the RAH Christmas Carols this year. We missed you dreadfully last year - the conductor we did have didnt have your sense of humour and made us sit to sing the "all" Carols. Please tell me that you will be back there this year! Regards Jo

London - 11:10:44 10/5/17


Hi hilary, it's will from nco. I just wondered if you could tell me where to find good baton makers. I remember you telling me one name in london but i have forgotten! I also wanted to know what batons you use. Thank you for helping us give a great concert in birmingham and i'm looking forward to seeing you in the summer.
Best wishes,
- 23:53:28 31/1/17

Sarah Tree

Suddenly remembering fondly my time playing oboe in the Cranleigh School Orchestra under your direction (some 46 years ago OMG!) and delighted to read about your current activities!

Oliva, Spain - 13:10:57 27/9/16

Colin Bannister

We greatly enjoyed your varied Last Night of the Proms programme at Lowestoft Marine Theatre on 16 September, your informative and also witty introductions, your tempi,and the way that you brought out the contrasting contributions from the different sections of the orchestra, the latter bringing refreshing new colour to this fine orchestra, whose Lowestoft concerts we have enjoyed since the very start of the residency.

Lowestoft, Suffolk - 11:56:15 18/9/16

Derek Valentine

Good to meet you in Malvern Priory today. I may see you in Merton on 19 November for Peter's recital @ 1.15pm

Upton upon Severn - 23:02:35 03/10/15

Yvette Thomas

Dear Mr Wetton,
My mother and I are very much looking forward to seeing you conduct the London Concert Orchestra on Saturday night at the Birmingham Symphony Hall for the fantastic Last Night of the Summer Proms. Particularly looking forward to Lark Ascending and the fantastic Hebrides Overture.
Kind regards,
Yvette Thomas (Miss)

Solihull - 19:42:27 25/6/15

Mr Glyn Evans

Dear Mr Wetton,
Having sent the first message I now note you personally moderate this guestbook and so I can speak freely. I could not help notice your minor thoracic spine curvature during the concert. While not noted by most people, there is a slight forward curve and I just wondered if your orthopaedic surgeon has done the test for Osteoporosis, that is a slight shortage of calcium in the bones which predisposes to hip fractures?

If not, you should have a DEXA Scan to measure your bone calcium levels.

If you have any queries on this please get in touch.

Best wishes.

Glyn Evans

London - 21:48:59 19/12/14

Mr Glyn Evans

Dear Mr Wetton,

What a fabulous evening of Classic Carols at the Royal Albert Hall yesterday. I really sang my heart out and your extremely humorous comments made for a very memorable evening.

As an orthopaedic surgeon I was naturally interested in your recent fractured hip and there is something about that I would like to mention if you care to get back to me.

Very best wishes,

Glyn Evans

London - 20:47:20 19/12/14

Luke Abbott

Hallo Hilery,
We are coming to your concert this Sunday and will wave from the auditorium. See if you recognise an Old Stantonian...remember Pat MacSherry and Rita Boggelan?? Luke
United Kingdom - 08:32:22 05/12/14

Joanne McGahon

Dear Hilary,
I wanted to send you an email, could you possibly ping your email address?
My website is www.joannemcgahon.com
Best wishes with all your upcoming projects
United Kingdom - 21:08:15 10/3/14

Wim Rijstenberg

Dear mr. wetton
Please can you help me to get the conductor scores of the Tom Parker project "the comandments" i like to perform this project in Holland with one of my choirs. It is verry hard to find the sheetmusic for the orchestra I think it is not published. You where the conductor on the CD recording. So, I thought may be you can help
me. Thanks for reply. Greetings, Wim Rijstenberg.

NL. Winterswijk - 03:22:11 30/11/13

Paul Vincent

A contact in Surrey has suggested you might be interested in the work of my grandfather Thomas Dunhill. I am building up a website (above) about his life and work, and also trying to facilitate some re-evaluation of his music. With best wishes. Paul
Crediton, Devon - 15:16:45 17/3/13

June Sutherland

My mother-in-law used to speak about an aunt who married Charles Villiers Stanford, a composerand assocaitedwith Westminster Abbey and to whose great joy was allowed to play the organ there when she went to England. She herself was a longtime church organist. Her father was harry Constable Wetton.

Canberra ACT Australia - 04:12:18 18/2/13

Rodney Mather

I fondly remember my time in the Milton Keynes Chorale, and all the great concerts in Stantonbury Theatre with you and Ian conducting. Choral music has always been a part of my life, and I created Note Perfect in 2001 to help and people who enjoy choral music.
Brisbane, Australia - 23:08:28 09/11/12

Samantha Lankester

Dear Hilary,
It's now about 20 years since you were my music director a St Paul's Girls' School, where the love of music really took hold on my life. I remember watching your orchestra rehearsals in the Singing Hall, fascinated by the magic of watching the transformation from noise to music.

I have just read about you in Hemihelp magazine, as you conducted the Live@Lloyds concert in May this year. My 5 year old son has hemiplegia, hence why I read the magazine, thanks for your involvement!

After being organ scholar at Christ's I trained as an accountant and ended up moving to Uganda. I married a Ugandan musician who has just been appointed Director of Kampala Music School, and conducts the Kampala Symphony Orchestra.

I would love for us to be back in touch, and wonder if you fancy a trip to Uganda? I work for a tourism company so could get you some good deals.....

All best
Sam Musoke (nee Lankester)

Kampala, Uganda - 07:54:31 08/10/12



milton keynes - 22:11:46 01/7/12

Luc and Marilyn Croene

Luc met you in Our Lady's Church in Brugge this week, and I was rather sad to have missed meeting you and your family. We hope that you enjoyed your time in Belgium.

Belgium - 20:03:02 01/9/11

George Byrne

Hilary, I remember performing in the 2009 Stage Choir at the Classical Roadshow's 'Widecombe Fair'. I will never forget the warm up you taught us-'Ninety naughty nuns nibble nuts after nine'. Considering our school was catholic with a slighty forbidding headmistress. Thank for the enriching experience you gave us.

- 20:11:12 27/7/11

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