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Martine van Eijk

Dear Hilary,
I enjoyed the choir rehearsels and concert at Dartington very very much. Thank you. We briefly talked the last day and you said you would tell me which choir in the Netherlands you have contacts with, if I'd mail you........
utrecht - 12:10:46 28/8/08

Anneliese Jarman

I agree with Iwan. You're just a fantastic conductor, you never fail to make the whole orchestra laugh and, of course, find beauty in every note.
I wish I could have made it to the performance you conducted in Guildford.
I do hope you're our guest conductor for Encore this year! Especially since we'll be performing at the BSH.
Thank you so much for everything,
Mavis on the flute.

Surrey - 20:36:07 18/6/08

annie campbell

Hello Hilary. This is a little cheeky, but I am tracking the story of my great great grandfather Henry Champion Wetton who's daughter (a singer) Jenny married Sir Charles Villiers Stanford. Champion's uncle, also a Champion, owned Wetton terrace which later became part of the Royal Holloway School of Music. I too am a singer and oboist. We were wondering if you might have a connection to the family?


swanage - 23:29:39 15/6/08

Will Dutton

Hi hilary, it's will from nco. I just wondered if you could tell me where to find good baton makers. I remember you telling me one name in london but i have forgotten! I also wanted to know what batons you use. Thank you for helping us give a great concert in birmingham and i'm looking forward to seeing you in the summer.
Best wishes,
Will Dutton.
harrogate - 12:07:40 13/4/08

Steven Pemberton

"Sir, will you come to our party?"
Hello from Amsterdam, and from a former boy in your form at St. Albans (1964), one who a couple of times dug your garden, and organised a party in the class. "Pemberton of Debenham". Website. Best wishes, Steven.

Hope this works:

Amsterdam - 10:39:28 25/3/08

Jonathan Humphreys

Dear Mr. Davan Wetton,

You recently conducted Stainer's 'Crucifixion'. My son, Thomas, sang the baritone solo. Unfortunately, I was unable to be at the concert, so I'm writing to ask you how he did.

London - 10:00:52 15/3/08

John Gelling

Hilary, your piece on Today Radio 4 Tuesday 18 02 08 - excellent.

Your D. Tel article 15 02 08 helpful for novices in English music.

I am working closely with Mark Forkgen, Director of Music @ Tonridge School to bring an established jazz improvisationist from the US West Coast to Tonbridge Shool Orchestra in Sept/Oct 2008.
Robin Lawson demonstrated his skills to Mark and the symphonic orchestra in Sept.2006.
I will raise the money to get Lawson here.The orchestra will pay for Mr Lawson's salary (3 mandays).

Can I contact you ( tel 01892 ??????? )if I have questions as I progress the programme.

On the business front I am involved with the hiring of key management for the fabrication of the 2 new UK aircraft carriers.
If I can help your sector at any time let me know.To give you an illustration of my capability: I appointed the current Chairman of Tesco PLC.
Best Wishes,
33,Chiltern Way, Tonbridge , TN9 1NQ - 18:21:01 19/2/08

Garry Humphreys

May I commend to all Hilary's admirers (and anyone else with any intelligence) his splendid piece in The Guardian today (6 November 2007).

I agree wholeheartedly with his clearsighted and forthright condemnation of the BBC's pretentious show, Classical Star, and the disservice it does to classical music and the classical music profession.

I voted with my off-switch, infinitely preferring the Inspector Morse repeats on ITV3!

Thank you, therefore!
North London - 14:25:31 06/11/07


March 15, 1997 saw me bellowing a second bass in the Brahms Requiem as a member of the Brussels Choral Society along with the GCS and what a great memory that is .... Thanks fore a further insite in choral conducting

Hatrival Belgium - 14:21:24 16/10/07

Mark Mortimer

Dear Hilary,

I am currently director of the Baroque Singers- a small chamber choir based in Tunbridge Wells. We are currently celebrating our thirtieth anniversary. I am aware that you have entered into a new choral phase with St.Barnabas Church, Tunbridge Wells. I was wondering if you might like to entertain the idea of doing a joint concert with the Baroque Singers at some stage.

I studied at Lancing College, where my tutor Andrew Pearson later became your head of strings at Tonbridge. I then went on to Royal Holloway, Guildhall and then Indiana University where I gained a Masters degree in conducting. I have since won several prizes in various international competitions.
I feel that our paths should have crossed earlier and have long been an admirer of your recording of the Planets with the LPO. I look forward to hearing from you and the possibility of a joint musical venture.


Mark Mortimer

- 10:46:24 23/5/07

duncan hutchinson

Dear Hilary
I wonder if you recall teaching English - not music! - to a boy in St Albans in the late sixties? I enjoyed those lessons and you set me on a strange path through life between arts and science (I might have become a drudging technician). Needing a second career in my 40s I returned to earlier interests and found that I could work well with professional (rock) musicians and retrained as a live sound engineer/recordist, which I've extended to music production and IT/administrator/publicist/webmaster etc. Should you wish, our developing work is on the website above.
The world of 'weddings and functions bands' is exacting in its own ways, and not as removed from the 'classical' experience as some may imagine, at any rate for the 'serious' participants.
I followed your career over the years; something the web makes much easier! Your bequest to me however was a passion to do better, and take others along too, with outspokenness but never unkind sarcasm.
newton abbot devon - 02:43:32 30/12/06

Iwan Graff 14

Hilary. Well what can i say. He is the funniest and best conductor i have ever had. Thank you so much for this years nco main orchestra. We missed you in china

Cardiff - 15:40:45 18/12/06

Sally Glover

Hi Hilary, Are you there? Would love to catch up!

Sally Glover, Head of Music, Shore School, North Sydney, Australia

- 11:54:30 25/7/06

Sir Edmundo Demimsiporpington

Jolly good show you are welcome to my lodge for a spot of tea any time you may desire! Cheeriio, Edmundo

a mansion - 15:29:09 20/2/06


A splendid website , sorry to hear about your retirement. Search mmm on google images, a small gift for you:)

bromley - 11:26:30 16/12/05

sophie cox

Hilary you are a truely inspirational conductor and i love working with you, i really enjoyed the creation, and looking forward to Saint Nicholas

Tonbridge - 10:17:52 16/11/05

Debbie Wetton

I was surfing the net tonight (August.13) 10 days past my Dad's Birthday (John Howard...deceased)....Glad to see the music still lives on.....in the Wetton clan.......

Canada - 05:25:03 14/8/05

Harry Paget

Only when the form is clear to us, shall the meaning also be clear!

London - 15:19:42 18/1/05

Beth Cordall

Hi, nearly-ex-member NCO! thanks 4 gr8 time! great site
Beth (or Mavis . . . )

Gsy - 14:02:07 08/10/04

corneilious talmidge

I am a great fan!

- 17:01:09 04/10/04

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